This blog name is stolen from a quote by Clay Shirky “the Internet Runs on Love.”

I love the Internet. Love. Love. Love. Greatest communications revolution in human history. The printing press had nothing on this.
And I – we – are participating in it.

We are the one’s – the humans – who make it all possible – this online life of ours. The Internet is like a mirror to reflect back the power of our thoughts and connections. Who knew we could do so much so well together? Institutions would have us believe we can’t work together, we need a middleman, a manager. But the Internet shows us that good things come from coming together. And I intend to write about the good things.

I work as a contractor at a government Agency. I want to help people understand how this technology can make their jobs better and more satisfying. I am beyond being interested in new gadgets. New, shmew. I want stories of behavior change.

My current job title in Information Architect. I’ve been an Internet Assistant, a Web Master, a Communications Specialist, an Associate Producer, and a freelance whatever. The job titles don’t make much sense, because the job of managing our relationship to the Internet (and the way it reflects the collective us) isn’t something we can quite wrap our minds around yet.

But I’m up for the work.

Comments, of course, are welcome.


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