I feel the organizational power of the US government today. I’d love to believe in a conspiracy theory. But, there are no superheros or villians behind closed doors. Just bureaucrats. And us.

A bureaucrat works with budgets. Its the only tool they’re given. Nothing links together. There is no linking mechanism between their turf, their project, their desk and yours. Is there?

Enter the Internet. The one tangible, unintentional thing that does link us all together is cracking open our institutions, our laws, our systems. I understand the organizational advantage of people living in caves. They go straight to air, no marble pillars in the way.

It somehow all ties together – my personal sense of awakening and the experiences I have at work.

The internet reflects us in a powerful way. It doesn’t reflect the way we chose to see ourselves, but reflects where we place our attention, collective humanity. It is changing the way we think. And act. And interact. Our social systems can’t function in isolation any longer. The veil has been lifted.

I need to take some deep breaths. Because the chaos at work is just a symptom of collective awakening. It will get better. It has no choice. Buddha wants in.

I just wonder, in our growing power to bring anything to us (as opposed to dated visions of the future where we beam ourselves, Star Track style) if we will lose touch. Literally lose touch.



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